Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Exercise has always sort of been the bane of my existence. I don't know whether it started in the seventh circle of hell gym class when I was younger, or because I feel like I'm just no good at it, or because I hate most conventional methods of exercise, or what. But I just don't like to do it. Now, put me on a dance floor and play some Big Band, and I'm all for dancing for HOURS. (And if you've ever swing danced, you know THAT makes a good workout.) I need to join a gym, but Mark doesn't really want to fork out the money while things are as tight as they are.

Things I have tried (or aren't an option...)
-Running. Ha! Do any of you guys remember when I was going to train for a HALF MARATHON back last fall? So do I. That lasted all of about 2 weeks. I hate running. Always have.
-Walking. This, I could do for hours. This, I love. But it's so gosh-darn hot right now, and I really want to walk with Mark, and he doesn't like the heat, and never wants to walk as far as I do. (I would happily walk five miles or more a day. Every day. Great exercise. But ... I don't wanna do it by myself.)
-Swimming ... well, I've not tried it, but I can't really swim all that well. I know, embarrassing, whatever. I want to learn. But I feel like I wouldn't get all that much of a workout because I'd be trying to keep my head above the water. That just makes my neck tired.

I want to try a spin class, or a zumba class. (That would require a gym membership, though ... see first paragraph.)

So all of this to say ... Mark has finally decided that he wants to re-start P90X. But I think we're going to do it a bit differently this time. I'm not following that stupid diet. (Not stupid. Sorry Tony. Just stressful, and I turn into a demon when I can't eat carbs.) Also, I think we're just going to do the cardio part (and any other video that is cardio-esque ... and hopefully the ab one, because that's something that I can do, and feel good doing, and Mark needs to do.) We're going to try for 30 minutes of cardio every morning. I'm not looking to lose weight ... I just need a good cardio workout in my life. And I honestly think that Mark would lose weight if he HAD a good cardio workout in his life. The full P90X program is just too intense, I think, and there's no possible way that I could do the upper body part. (I can't even do one real pushup.) So we're going to start over, a bit slower. And try to do it together. That's always a good motivator. (I hope.)

Wish me luck! Because I have to wake Mark up in, oh, about 20 minutes. And we'll see how it goes.


  1. Good luck!!!

    I'm with you though, sister... I just hate working out. The girls are all so great about being consistent. They all do a video with Jillian or whoever else at least three times a week. I might ask them to make me join, so I can have a hot girlfriend bod ;)

    And hey. I'll walk with you when I come to visit!

  2. I hate move methods of working out too!! I have found that Pilates, and dance workouts to be fun! Running...oh my word...I am THE worst when it comes to runnin!

  3. I do a Zumba class at my school. They charge $30 for 18 classes so it really isn't too much money. Zumba is so much fun and if you like dancing it is definitely for you! You can find some really cheap classes if you look -- sometimes they do them at churches or other places! Good luck!

  4. if you love to dance, i'd definitely suggest zumba as well. i love love love to swing and ballroom dance, but... that requiring a not-always-willing partner, zumba is wonderful cardio and a really good workout. did you know they sell dvds? that way you wouldn't have to get a gym membership (which are too much money, i agree). just a suggestion :)