Monday, June 7, 2010


My 21-year-old (not-so) baby sister is coming today!!!

Seriously, does she not look like a model/movie star?

So, in preparation of this lovely event, I kind of have a lot to do. I need to go to the grocery store (2, actually, Publix AND Whole Foods) and buy a LOT of food, and I need to vacuum the house since Mark couldn't get our vacuum back from Andy and Suzie until later last night, and I need to do some general tidying. Mark cleaned the kitchen and dusted (!!) yesterday, and cleaned his half of the office, so that was a large help. Thanks baby!

I need to make myself a timeline-to-do-list, and get crackin'. I can't wait for Kelly to get here!


  1. hooray for SISTERS!
    and yes, she does look like a model!!
    hope you guys have fun!

  2. Yes! She looks like a model!! I'm jealous! ;)
    Hope you have a great time together!! (I'm sure you will)

  3. Your sister is gorgeous! Have a fun time:)