Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday update

It's been a nice, productive-but-lazy couple of days in the Skinner household. I spent pretty much all day yesterday cooking and cleaning the kitchen/dining room, and also found time to get some scrapbooking done.

The food blog will be a go hopefully in the next week or so. Andy (Mark's best friend) is showing me some kind of something on Wordpress where you can get your own domain name .... or something. April = not tech-savvy. But apparently it'll let me have a bit more control over what my blog looks like and what it can do, and Andy's going to help me with all that. Look for the link in my sidebar sometime next week!

Also, new discovery:
Pandora Radio has become my new best friend. I've been rockin' out to the Glee Cast station while cooking/washing dishes all week, and really, it's the only way to do either. Don't Stop Believin' makes soapy water and prune-y hands about 50 times better. Never tried it? You totally should.

Mark should be home soon, and we will eat the DELICIOUSNESS that is Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes (from none other than the Barefoot Contessa, of course - I love me some Ina Garten...) To me, summer is tomatoes and basil.

Maybe I can convince Mark to come with me to the new frozen yogurt place that has opened up close to our house. We've never been there before, and I have high hopes for it.

Hope everybody has a FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. Pandora is great! I love there bellydance stations!

  2. what a beautiful blog you have! thank you so much for becoming a follower of mine!

    i am so excited to see you're a NICU nurse!! i love coming across fellow nurses on blogger :) the hospital i work at doesn't have a NICU, but we're crossed trained in all areas--so i do work nursery from time to time. i know who you mean about missing those little babies---especially in your area--because they are with you for the long haul.

    will definately be following your blog! have a great weekend!

    ps. i LOVE pandora :)

  3. My husband introduced me to Pandora radio, and I love it!

    I hope you tried the new Yogurt place, I'm a fan of anything frozen and yummy:)