Sunday, June 6, 2010

Man, I'm tired...

My body doesn't like evenings or nighttime. Especially after a 12-hour shift. The body shuts down even when the brain is still going...

A conversation between my brain and my body:

BRAIN: "Oh, come on, you can stay up a little while longer. Andy and Suzie will be here soon!"

BODY: "No way. I can't. I'm tired."

BRAIN: "But you haven't seen them in such a long time - don't you want to see them?"

BODY: "Yes. But I can't. And tomorrow's busy. And I want to sleep and rest and be happy."

BRAIN: "Andy and Suzie make you happy."

BODY: "No. Only sleep will make me happy now."

And so it goes. The brain says "Get up!!" and the body says "Not on your life." We'll see what happens when Andy and Suzie actually get here...

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  1. BAHAHA! so true!!
    Love this post! it's so funny!!