Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello, my pretties...

I've been fighting a headache all the livelong day. I hope it goes away soon ... headaches make my motivation go away. (And you know what's ridiculous? I think that my headache might have started because of my HAIR. It's getting long, and on days when I just don't care, I like to put it in a bun straight from the shower. I think that it's getting so long and thick that it's just too heavy (esp. when wet) to have all in one spot on my head. INSANITY.)

Now that my rant is over...

Exciting things!
I signed up for my CSA yesterday!!! I got the little share, and I figure I can always upgrade as need be. Wahoo for local produce!! I pick my first box up next Tuesday, and oh man, am I excited.

Also exciting: quiche for lunch today! (Well, if my head stops hurting long enough for me to make it. I should probably get on that soon, actually...)

And! I like to give the people what they want to see, and several people have asked to see my new boots. :)

We'll start with a cute new outfit that my Mommy bought me when she was here.

I love the leggings, and I love the tunic, but I'm not sure about the tunic WITH the leggings. What do you guys think?

The tunic again, with jeans and my lovely lovely boots! (I am making a very weird face in this picture. Don't ask me why...) I can't wait for it to be fall so I can wear these things!

I really, really, really love these boots. I love them a lot. I plan to wear them with probably everything I own.

And a close-up of the boots themselves! I love the strap details on the back of them, and they zip, so it's super easy to get in and out of them.

Oh fall, please come quickly.


  1. i like the tunic with the jeans over the leggings.

  2. Your last sentence is sooo exactly how I have been thinking and feeling since May.
    And how awesome that you have some new stuff!

  3. ohhh i love the boots! also i totally get headaches from that, i solved that problem though by layering the heck out of my hair in short and really long layers so its thinner.

    i can't wait for fall! its time for coats and boots for sure!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures!
    I'm sorry for your headache! Hope you feel better!

  5. The tunic looks way better with the boots & jeans. Although the boots and jeans are so cute together that they will make any shirt look awesome. You look adorable by the way!

  6. looove the leggings! :))) i have like 5 pairs and all are of different color! :))