Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy Day

Today, we are being lazy. I'm still hangin' out in the bed (aren't laptops the best? You can tote them anywhere!), and Mark is still fast asleep beside me. It's rainy this morning, so all the more reason to lounge and not be in a hurry.

He's off from his internship today, and we have a whole day off together - something that never happens anymore unless we're traveling. We're planning on tidying up the apartment, and maybe seeing a movie at the dollar theater, depending on what's playing.

Exciting news: I got my pictures developed from when my mom came to visit! We didn't make a ton while we were out (or in) doing things, but we made a point to go make some cute ones right before she left. I'm so thankful for a mom who will come and just hang out with me :) I always have the best time with her, and I think it was a nice break from reality for her as well. My grandma lives with my parents, and while she can take care of herself fairly well, it's still a bit taxing on my mom. She handles things better than I ever could, but she needs a break once in a while :)

There are also some pictures from back when we went to Chattanooga to visit - we went to our favorite local BBQ place to eat. Yum yum!

Kelly and Mark, pre-haircut. Oh, it was long.

Me and Ninny

Me and Daddy

My parents back at home, playing a card game

Me and Mommy in Birmingham. We're shopping, and squinty-eyed in the morning sun!

The next day, at lunch. I really love this picture - my mom is so pretty!

In my backyard

Acting like a kid on the playground behind our apartment

Mommy releases her inner child

I love her.

So there they are! We had a great time, and I was very sorry she couldn't stay all week. She's an excellent houseguest - so easy to please :)

Also, update on the boots: Mark said I could get them as an early Christmas present! I said okay by me :) I went and tried on several different (cheaper) pairs at DSW the other day, and none of them compared to MY boots at Clarks. So, I figure I'm destined to have them :) The only ones that I've seen that I like as much are at Anthro, and those cost even more $$, so I think I'll get the ones I love so much. YAY! (Now fall needs to get here, along with some fall weather, so I can actually buy them and wear them.)


  1. Yay about your boots! I keep on looking out the window to see if the UPS man is here with mine...
    And your pictures turned out lovely :)

  2. Cute pictures! you not look just like your dad? I think so. Maybe Kelly looks more like your mom? Hmm.