Friday, August 13, 2010

You're So Vain

(Disclaimer: I am bored, and by myself. This post is worthless garbage, but it might make you laugh. You've been warned.)

When I'm by myself, I like to look at pictures.

A lot of my pictures are housed on my computer.

I found these gems in the Photobooth section of my computer. They were from when Kelly was left by herself in my apartment. Apparently she got a little bored.

I laughed until I cried...

(This one has got to by my favorite.)

And so, I was inspired. Put me in an empty house, alone, missing my husband and my sister, with nothing to do, and add a willing audience (Thanks, interwebs!), and this is what you get.

It started out innocently enough...

This one is even pretty

I also like this one.

And then we get to page 2 of the Effects, and things just get weird.

But amusing?

I'm hoping that Mark will check my blog, and laugh, and miss my hilarity, and come home to me.

Maybe this wasn't the best way to do that, though...


Now that I've made myself look like a total freak...

What do I do now?


  1. i'm a picture-freak
    i love looking at them
    i have a TON on my computer
    which take up soo much space
    i need to upload them to a web holder
    anyways, i am the same way
    when i'm bored i revert to pictures
    to keep me company

  2. BAHAHA!
    LOVE IT!
    It's hilarious!