Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Monday

Oh Monday, how I missed you.

Since working my weekend schedule, I LOVE Mondays! (I know, that's weird when the rest of the population hates them, but whatev.) The week is new, I have five days to do whatever, and I always wake up super-early and get to see the sunrise coming through our bedroom windows. (Cause I always blog in bed. Where do you guys blog?)

Happy thing:
A really FANTASTIC giveaway is being held at mucho mucho bueno bueno!! You should check it out, because it's really really great, and it introduced me to a really cool website with lots of pretty dresses :)

Other happy thing:
I got my boots!! Mark and I had a date day on Friday because he wasn't working, and we went to see Iron Man 2 at the Dollar Theater (am I the only one who wasn't all that impressed? The first one was way better...), and out to eat for a late lunch. Then he was like "Hey, let's go to the Clarks store!" So we did, and I am SO IN LOVE with these boots, and they said people were already buying them like crazy, so I'm glad I bought them when I did or they might have run out! And then we bought him some new jeans (for $30 at Banana! What a steal!) And we were both happy :) And now we can't buy anything else for quite a while...

And now, what I hope to accomplish this week:
-Scrapbook my cruise! (Or at least start on it)
-Sign up for a CSA! (OMG I'm SO EXCITED. See this website for the awesome organization I'm going through...)
-clean my house. no exclamation point there.
-Go to Nashville and visit Elissa! She's having a rough time right now, and she needs me. And I miss her. So that's that.

Hope all you gals (and guys? are there any guys besides Mark who read this?) have a great week!!


  1. haha
    "clean my house. no exclamation point there."
    My favorite!! haha so funny!
    I'm glad you bought those boots!
    I blog in the living room, or in the guest room, because there's a big desk/table and printer. So, while I'm blogging, I'm also printing some exams for my students! haha

  2. Yay for scrapbooking! I miss it sometimes. I hope you post pictures of yours! :) And of the boots, which were super cute!