Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Fall Must-Have

My Mommy has to leave this afternoon :( It makes me sad.

We have had a grand old time though :)

On Monday, we did some grocery shopping, and Mark gave us the tour of the Special Collection at Samford. Then Andy and Suzie came over, and we all had dinner together.

Yesterday was our shopping day. We spent a small fortune on some clothes for Mark, which he needed badly. He got 2 pairs of jeans, and we had this really great coupon for Jos. A. Bank. We bought him a suit (and got 70 PERCENT OFF ... it was around $700 or so, and we got it for $250. AMAZING.) We also got him a couple polo shirts and two ties. He racked up pretty well :)
And my mom got some shoes from Clarks.

While we were in Clarks, I fell in love. This is my fall must-have. They are expensive. But I am SO in love.

Oh my gracious, it is beautiful. But expensive. I've wanted a pair of riding-type boots for, oh, about 2 years now. And I feel like I would wear them All. The. Time. The only thing is that they have a heel, and I was thinking more of a flat boot, but I love the way these look. I need opinions.

What do you guys think?

If you wore flats most of the time, but loved the (low) heeled boots ... would you buy them? Even though they're a lot of money, and you just blew through quite a bit on your sweet hubby?


  1. You are up early, my friend.

    I love the boots. They would look super cute on you. It's a low heal and not pointy, so I think you would probably be ok even though you usually wear flats. Your espadrilles don't bother you; I doubt if these would be any worse. As for finances, it won't be time to wear them for another month or so anyway, why don't you just wait until then and buy them? I'm sure Clarks will still have them in stock and if they're not currently on sale, then why rush (maybe they'll be on sale during Labor day sales)? I vote that you should get them.

  2. You should get the boots. It's obvious you love them. You should get them and not regret it.

  3. Just save your pennies during the remainder of the summer! And while doing so, you can keep a lookout of similar styles that are on sale. DSW has some great deals in their clearance room. If you can't find any that you like as well as these... then I say go for it :)

    They really are a good investment. I literally wore my fringe boots every single day this fall, winter, and spring.

  4. Oh, I love these boots!!
    You should buy them!
    I would. And then I would wear them every day. They are so cute!!

  5. Get the boots! If you really love them that much you will wear them a ton. And, those are the kind you can wear with just about everything!