Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update from Ooltewah

I'm at my parents' house, about to go take pictures with Kelly after she showers, and I thought I'd post a quick update.

It's been a fun trip so far - after dinner last night, we watched some old home movies (and I never cease to be embarrassed ... I had about a 10-year awkward stage. Thank God that's over.) I've cooked a bit, and tonight we're going to Big River Grill with Sarah and Thomas. Hopefully afterward, we're going to reprise Kelly's performance in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (she was a senior in high school at the time), and we'll probably play a round or two of Baulderdash. Tomorrow, per Mark's request, we're eating lunch at our favorite BBQ joint :)

Good times.

I love coming home. You can't beat my family :)


  1. aww, family is so much fun!
    ...as are those hideous photos lurking in family attics :)


  2. Hope you're having a great time! Time with family is truly the best!