Monday, August 9, 2010

It is nice to remember (and see) that sometimes, miracles do indeed happen. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are very very huge and sometimes they are short-lived and sometimes not, but the most important thing is that they happen.

Now, and update on me. And us:

The summer is winding to a close. It's been a great summer, and I can't believe how fast time has flown. How is it the 9th of August already?!? 
I'll have a full week this week - I'm working a bit extra this afternoon, and then lots of cleaning of the house, and I'm meeting some friends for lunch on Thursday and possibly doing lunch with another friend another day this week. Then next week, my mom is coming to visit!! I'm so excited - it'll be the first time that she's come to Birmingham for more than a day trip. I'm planning to take her to Chez LuLu, and we'll probably cook some, and do all sorts of fun stuff :) I love being friends with my mom!

What I also can't believe is that Mark starts school next week as well. It's crazy to think that we have less than a year before another major life change. I love it here in Birmingham, but I am ready to settle. I'd love to stay here, or go somewhere else, or whatever we need to do, but wherever we end up, I want to plan on being there for a while. 

Kelly also starts back to school very soon, and I'm excited, because it'll be easier (I think) for me to come and visit her! She and the girls are moving into these apartment-style dorms that are new on her campus, so she'll get to be in sort of a suite-type-room for her senior year! (Oh my gosh, my sister is a senior. When did I get so old??) So I'm planning to visit, and cook for the girls, and all of that fun stuff. 

I'm excited about the potential for fall, but I feel like we won't be having any fall weather anytime soon. Hopefully it'll cool off enough so that Mark and I can go camping, at least. We've never even used our tent! 

I need to get up and get moving, but I hope everybody has a lovely day. It's sunny where I am :)  


  1. I'm glad you have so many exciting plans!!
    I hate when summer comes to an end... :( But this year is different! Because... I'm getting married in November!! Can't wait!!

  2. i am excited about fall's potential as well.
    i have adored summer here in MI---but i am ready for sweaters. and cider. and a stiffness to the breeze!

    enjoy time with your mom :)

  3. i'm so excited for fall!!
    camping would definitely be so much fun if the weather cooled down!