Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coming events which I am excited about:

Uno: Our sweet Luna puppy comes home in a week!
Reposting the cuteness ... I can't wait till we can take pictures of her!

Deux: Tonight, I'm making sweet potato ravioli with browned butter served over a bed of mixed greens. Thanks, Grow Alabama :)

3: Our house has been clean now for two weeks straight. This is a personal record for both of us. WIN!

Four: Fall has come to Alabama!!! For the next 10 days, the forecast says that it's not going to get over 81. Praise be to God :)

V: Lissa is coming to visit us (and Luna) in two weeks! Hooray!

Sechs: We might possibly be bringing the puppy to Griffin to visit Mark's parents and go to the Fair. Apparently this is an Event, for which people crawl out from under rocks to attend. And apparently their corndogs are to die for. I told Mark I wasn't sure about the corndog (I HATE corndogs) but I'd be happy to share a nice big funnel cake with him :)

Sept: Can I just reiterate that our HOUSE is CLEAN? It's kind of a big deal.


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  2. My house was clean yesterday... But then we decided to paint some walls and hang an Audrey Hepburn picture and the cleanliness has disappeared. Boo.
    Time to clean again. Sigh.