Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Labor Day Laboring...

Yesterday, Mark and I built a fence. Or ... a section of a fence. I documented the process with the good old Minolta (my film camera), so the pictures won't be back for a bit, but it was quite the adventure. It looks really good though :)

Also, Mark got a fun boy toy out of the deal - we bought him a circular saw. It's our first official power tool... and, like he said yesterday, he'd have to buy one at some point, and we might as well just buy it now.

Today, we're sanding all the paint off my dresser, and staining it. That should be an interesting process... Hopefully it turns out well.

Welcome to home improvement week with the Skinners!


  1. Heidy ho, neighbor!!!

    I approve of your Home Improvement.

  2. Good luck!! :)
    I'm sure it will turn out well!

  3. Aren't you guys handy?! That's great ~ Good luck!