Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Project: We've Been Adults for Three Years, and It's Time We Acted Like It is now well underway. The house is still miraculously clean. The Chore List is being consistently followed. The Evil Budget Book has been established. Things are going well. I surprisingly like acting like an adult :)

Also, Project: Puppy is Coming Home in 8 Days So We'd Better Be Ready is coming along. We went to PetSmart yesterday and dropped some cash on her crate, her food (and her new food - we're transitioning here at first...), some food bowls, some treats, a leash, some toys ... this doggy is gonna be spoiled, I'm afraid. We got that cute little leash with the pink polka-dotted ribbon, and we ended up with some gray ceramic bowls with doggy bones on them. I wish they made more feminine dog stuff that wasn't all PINK. Because I feel like our little Beagle girl just won't be that into hot-pink-everything... We still need to get her collar, but we're waiting to see how big her little neck is before we do that, and I'm sure we'll get quite a few more toys along the way. I also need to go vet-shopping (Do people do that? Like you do with pediatricians? Is that socially acceptable, to want to meet the vet before you get your dog?), and at least call and find out services and prices and stuff. Because, you know, we ARE on a budget.

In other news, I have the pleasure of going to the dentist for a teeth-cleaning appt this morning. Joy! I hope I have no cavities ... it's been a wee bit longer than 6 months since I've been. I've never had a cavity before (except for a tiny one in a baby tooth, and since I don't have those teeth anymore, I think that shouldn't count), and I'm hoping to keep that record going.

And on that note, I guess I'll get up and get moving...

Hope everybody has a happy Tuesday!


  1. When Stitch came home, I already had his cage and hammock and food. I remember I phoned the vet that same day and had an appointment the following day...
    And the collar and other accessories... I had to wait a little bit, because he was so small!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. We just went vet shopping last week! I spent an unbelievable amount of time searching for a new vet for Puff. But we found a REASONABLE one (that didn't offer anti-depressants and acupuncture) that we like.

    Good luck with it! Can't wait to meet the puppy!!!

  3. Mel - Antidepressants and ACUPUNCTURE for your kitty?

    ...I thought she was just a bit special. Did your original vet suggest those things? And is that why you switched?