Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

I hope all you work-during-the-week people are getting a day off today - nothing beats a long weekend!

After a small hiatus for my work weekend, I'm back with an update...

1) Today is Day 6 of the No Sugar Challenge. Yesterday, I ate a little bit of grape salad that one of my co-workers brought - it had sugar in it. But, the point of this week of no sugar was to curb my intense pastry/donut/cake/cookie cravings, and I am typically not a grape-salad kind of girl, so I felt like a little was okay. Plus, I was being polite and trying it. It was good, but I definitely ate a little and then stopped. So, I still consider my challenge a success, even if other people might not.

2) I have stayed on track with my Bible reading. Unfortunately, my friend who suggested it is having generally a crazy week/month/life, and hasn't gotten around to starting it yet. I think I'll just forge ahead and continue it... and maybe Mark will join me.

3) We are looking at some Beagle puppies not this week but the next. They're just 2 weeks old right now, and the breeders only like to let people come when they're 3 weeks or older (totally understandable - I didn't even realize that they were that young.) Mark and I have talked extensively about getting this puppy, and I think we're both leaning (pretty far) toward yes. We are at a really good place in our life to get a puppy right now - it won't be left alone unless Mark and I have both gone out (like to dinner or something), or when I go to the grocery store during the week. There will be one person home every day of the week, and both of us will be home in the afternoons during the weekdays, so there will be ample time for training and walks. Plus, they're so stinking cute:

And that's pretty much what's happening with us...

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Beagle puppies?!?!?
    How cute are they! Aww.

    And I admire you for not eating sugar! Not that I would try it with you, but...good job April!

  2. Awwww :)
    It's adorable.

    Good job with you're no sugar thing! I'm eating cake right now.

  3. How exciting!!!
    MJ and I have been talking about getting a golden retriever puppy (it's my dream!!) for several months and we have decided to wait until 2011 to buy it (we have our honey moon in November and some trips planned in December-March).
    Can't wait to have my puppy!

  4. What on earth is grape salad?? I'm so intrigued!

  5. I am a little scared for you, that cute beagle face?? THAT is how they get you!

    -Crazy Puggle owner.

  6. NO SUGAR!??
    ah thats insane.. but i've been thinking about trying it out.. you just might be my inspiration!

  7. Oh my gosh! CUTE puppy! I wish I could get one. But I am most definitely not home every day. Good luck, I hear they are a lot of work!