Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I haz a happy :)

Lots of happy-s.

(And one sad. But we'll get to that later.)

First! Project: Dresser is complete, and looks fantastic! Unfortunately my film is used up and I need more, my digital camera is dead, and my iPhone just isn't doing it justice. Pictures later. Just take my word for it... it looks really awesome!

Dos! My Chore List is complete, and fairly do-able I think. Also, a budget has been made! (This was another topic in our epic "We need to be adults" discussion...) I feel more adult-like already. And Mark was quite thrilled with me this morning when he woke up to find the Chore List already made... now if only I could get caught up!

Thirdly! We went to see the puppies tonight - and both those sweet babies were still unavailable!! Sooo ... we put down a deposit for the remaining chocolate female. We'll know exactly which of the three chocolate females we'll be getting within a week or so, and they're supposed to post new photos of the puppies sometime in the next day or two. (Mark and I were so excited about the puppies and their insanely abounding cuteness that we didn't even THINK about taking a picture of them!) We're pretty thrilled about this new addition to our household, and it might be puppy city up in here pretty soon. We get our sweet baby girl in just 3 weeks, when she'll be six weeks old. I am SO excited :)

(I almost forgot about the sad - I had grand plans to follow our budget, and cook after we got home from seeing the puppies tonight. It was already late (8:30 when we got home), so I threw the lasagna together pretty fast and turned on the oven ... which then started smoking everywhere. So we called Andy and Suzy, and asked them if we could use their kitchen. They said yes, we drove over there, and then couldn't find the key. We were both hungry and grumpy and said not-nice things, and came home and ordered pizza. I'm hoping my lasagna will keep in the fridge okay until tomorrow, when hopefully they'll fix the oven...)

And on that note, I'm going to go read my Bible and go to bed.

Sweet dreams, blogland!

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  1. I am so excited for y'all and your new puppy! Can't wait to see pics! Sorry to hear about your oven, that is the worst. I hope it gets fixed soon!