Thursday, September 2, 2010

No sugar, what?

First off: my darling hubby wants to know if any of you have ever had a beagle puppy before. He has puppy fever really badly, and I've pretty much laid down the law about a big dog (just for right now - I don't think it's always the best thing to keep a big dog in an apartment.) So his next best choice is a beagle.

So, who's had one? Did you like it? Pros/cons of that particular breed?

Now for an update on my crazy idea...

I've given up sugar for a week. This might not be crazy to other people, but it certainly is to me. So, for 7 days, no refined sugar. I can have sweet things like fruit and honey, but they have to be able to be found in nature. I eat WAY too much sugar, and will end up with diabetes later in life if I don't curb the habit now.
And let me tell you, my willpower was put to the test today. I worked extra, and we had a really busy morning. Someone had brought in DOUGHNUTS. It was torture - here I was, crazy busy, crazy hungry, no time to fix my food, and the box of doughnuts was just absolutely calling out to me. And can I just say, I did not eat a single. little. bite. of any of them?? I was quite proud of myself. (I still wanted one, though...) Instead, I filled my afternoon with healthy snacks, like Kashi crackers with almond butter, a peach from our CSA, and some grapes. Not too shabby. This was Day 2, and so far so good... hopefully I can continue with that through the weekend and into next week!

Also, my other goal - do my daily Bible reading as laid out by my little year-long outline. So far so good ... I think I'm on something like Day 4? So nothing too impressive there, but it's a daily thing, and my problem is if I stop, or skip a day or something, I'll really never get back into it.

So now I'm tired. It's past my bedtime. 'Night, blog world :)


  1. About the Beagles..My parents have had theirs for about 5 years...The pros-she's super lovable, follows my dad around like crazy, sleeps under the covers with him, sits on his lap. The cons-major separation anxiety (I don't know if this is all Beagles or just her) but if she is left alone she runs through the house barking and tearing into things..they have to put the garbage up when they leave..she's clawed all of the doors to all hell...even if you're only going to the bathroom she does this. Her bark is extremely loud and annoying, and she barks A LOT! She also growls at the kids.

    If anything, I'd head to your local shelter, they usually have really sweet dogs looking for homes. I have a fondness in my heart for Mutts personally. is great! Good luck!!

    And lots of luck with not having sugar...EEP! I'm not sure I could go a couple of hours, but I really should. lol

  2. No sugar - wow, good for you. I have a salty tooth (if there's such a thing) so for me a real test would be NO salt for a week! Good luck!

  3. i love this post! you're a kindred spirit :)

    first, about the beagle: my dad drew the line with big dogs, too. the beagle was our next option. he was the most loveable, sweet and beautiful dog on the planet! unfortunately he chewed through everything in sight and was so high energy that even my teenage sister couldn't handle it. on the flip-side, my older sister's family has one that is fantastic! not too high energy, small, adorable, and loyal. :) good luck!

    with the sugar-goal! i went off all refined sugar when i was 14 for a year (not even natural stuff like maple syrup) and it was the best thing i've ever done. it changed my life! so good luck! :) if you need any great recipes that'll tackle your sweet tooth without the sugar rush, i've got a bunch!!

    good luck with the scripture reading! you'll be blessed! :)

  4. good for you and your sugar-y defiance! it may sound crazy---but it's oh-so-good for you!!!