Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, phase 1 of puppy-proofing is nearly complete. I've been going through the house, deep-cleaning each room, and then the plan is just to continue our chore list, and that should keep our house looking tidy and clean and neat. (Which will be a challenge for this clutter-bug, but I want to make it happen...) On today's agenda is more laundry (it never ends!), deep-cleaning the shower, vacuuming downstairs, and mopping the floors. I want to get everything accomplished before this weekend, because Mark will be gone on a mystery retreat with his little brother's youth group. I wish I could go!!

In other news, I went to PetSmart yesterday, mainly to get Mrs. Norris some new, healthier kitty food. This is what I ended up getting:

Have any of you used this kind of food before (cat or dog?) I read so many reviews yesterday that I had nightmares about cat and dog food last night. Pretty much, I think it just depends on the animal as far as the reaction to this food. I do believe that it has good, quality ingredients, and it's more affordable than the comparable Wellness food, so we'll see. I may have to try some different kinds before finding one that will work, so I guess we'll just have to see... but feedback, if anybody has any on Blue Buffalo brand, would be greatly appreciated! I feel like such a bad kitty momma for feeding her such junk all these years :( No wonder she's fat ... I just hope she hasn't developed diabetes or something like that...

And speaking of pets ... we're getting rather impatient to find out which baby puppy we'll be taking home! The litter was made up of 3 chocolate females, 2 tri-color females, and 1 tri-color little boy. When we visited, there was 1 chocolate female and the little boy left, and we chose the baby girl. However, people had just picked out which coloring and gender they wanted, not the puppy specifically. Because we were the third person in line for a chocolate female, we'll get the one that the other two puppy parents don't pick ... so it's just a waiting game. The breeders are supposed to post individual pictures on their website, but they haven't done it yet, and Mark and I have been checking about every hour or two when we're awake. We're just so excited! And, we think we've decided on a name, but I'm not going to reveal that until we get the puppy (or at least find out which one we're getting.)

While I was at Petsmart, I checked out all the cute puppy stuff. Here are some things I want for our sweet baby girl...

I think we're going to transition her to this food once we bring her home ... we'll see how it goes. Once again, if anybody has used Buffalo Blue products, I'd really appreciate a review!

I'm loving one of these two bowls ... we want probably stainless steel/metal so our puppy won't chew through her food bowl, and there aren't that many girly-looking ceramic ones that I've found.

I'm loving these collars and leashes - I like the polka-dot patterned one best. Mark begrudgingly agreed to it, mainly because it wasn't completely pink and way bright, I think. Pretty adorable.

Mark is pretty opposed to puppy clothes all the way around, but I can't help thinking these are adorable ... there was also a bright green cable-knit sweater that I'm probably going to HAVE to have :)

We're going to crate-train our puppy so it will have a place of its own, and a safe place to sleep, but the crate will be upstairs, so I want a little dog bed to go downstairs. I like this one - it matches our brown and cream/beige decor, and the cover is removable for easy washing.

So many cute things for our sweet puppy! I can't wait to get her :) (All images found at

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  1. Aw, you need a little baby puppy to look after! When do you get to take one home?