Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feeling better

Good morning, and Happy Hump Day! I'm awake and feeling much better than yesterday. I always have issues with allergies vs. allergy meds, especially in the fall. Here's my dilemma: I have year-round and seasonal allergies. I hate taking drugs, so I typically just deal, but in the fall, it gets pretty bad. I wait until I just can't stand the scratchiness in my throat ANY longer, and pop a pill. And then come the side effects. I feel ... funny. It doesn't matter what I take, all allergy meds make me feel weird. (The absolute WORST is Claritin-D though - I can't take that stuff. It makes my head feel like it's a balloon floating about a foot above my body...)

So anyway, the meds are out of my system this morning, and I'm feeling better. (For now, until the allergies kick back in.)

This morning, I need to finish stripping the dresser, clean it off and sand it down, and then stain it. I'm doing it in this ebony color (which I hope turns out like I want it - we couldn't remember what stain we used for our other dresser, so they may end up different colors.) And yesterday, I got hardware from Anthropologie to use - it's going to look so good, I think! (And speaking of Anthro - are their boots not to DIE for this fall? I've tried to tell Mark that he got a deal, buying mine at Clark's, because Anthro's are more expensive, but he's just not hearing it...)

Also, I emailed the people about our potential beagle puppy, and hopefully we'll go visit next Tuesday or Thursday. (And unless we just hate the parents, that'll probably be it, because my heart will melt at all the 3-week-old cuteness...)

And now, up and att'em for April this morning - I hope Home Depot opens early so I can go get some more paint stripper!


  1. glad you're feeling better! good luck with the remodeling, and with puppy-choosing. i hope you hear back soon! :)

  2. glad you are feeling better! being sick is no fun at all!
    and good luck with remodeling! and at home depot! i always get so overwhelmed there! haha!