Monday, February 8, 2010

Adventures in Riverchase

Today was interesting.

I left around 12:30 to run some errands. Items on my agenda: go to the Post Office and turn in my passport application, go to WalMart to pick up my pictures, go to Michael's to get a new scrapbook/paper. I figured this all would take maybe two hours.

At 4:30, I was home.

Passport papers in hand, un-submitted.

Let me explain.

I went to the Vestavia post office first, because that's where I got my original passport. Unfortunately, I lost it when we moved, and it is gone forever. So that's why I'm getting a new one. When I got in line, the lady asked me if I was getting my first passport. I said no. Because that was true.

When I got to the front of the line, she said "This isn't a renewal form, this is a new passport form. We're not doing those today." Oh, well thanks for being clear the first time.

So I look at the little green sheet of paper they have posted to see where the other viable locations are. And then I go eat lunch at Panera.

After lunch, I called the post office to see where they were located. I couldn't find the Hoover PO number on my Google Maps app, so I called a different one, who gave me a 1-800 number to call, which then told me the location of the Hoover PO. I plugged it into Google Maps, and it spit out some directions. Doing good, so far.

Let me stop and explain that my sense of direction is less than stellar. Actually ... let's be frank. It sucks. I don't really have one. That part of my brain never really developed properly ... especially the part which Mark possesses, which can figure out where he is even if he's never been there. I've never understood this. I can get hopelessly lost going somewhere I've been 10 times, if conditions are right...

So, to continue... The post office is supposedly on Riverchase Parkway. I've never been there before. I follow the directions that Google Maps has spit out for me, and lo and behold, a Sign! That says Riverchase Parkway!! Bravo, me!! Unfortunately, the number I was looking for was 1809. The numbers started in the 100's. So, I think to myself, maybe they'll go up fast. Or maybe it's just a long road....

FYI, it IS a long road. It's the longest road EVER. I went the longest way POSSIBLE to get there, I think. I cross 31, and go into this hilly residential area with rich people and nice houses that make me want a house so bad I can hardly stand it. And then, it happens. I look up at the street sign next to me, and I am no longer on Riverchase Parkway. Which is very, very bad ... because by that point, I've been driving for probably 15 minutes on that one road, maybe longer, and I have NO EARTHLY IDEA where I am.

Call Elissa. She's at work.

Call Mark, who is in the library, frantic.

After 15 minutes on the phone with him, we realize that 1)I have gone as far as you can go on THAT Riverchase Parkway. Sadly, there is ANOTHER one. I hate places that have multiple roads of the same name. Whoever decided that must have plotted with the other road-builders, and thought to themselves, "Oooh, wouldn't it be fun to make people get lost!! All the time!! And after driving for 20 minutes in the wrong direction, only THINKING they're going in the right direction, they'll realize - THERE'S ANOTHER ROAD!!! Bah-hahahaha!!" Terrible, evil road designers. Blah.

So anyway, I go back to where Mark told me the post office actually is (an area I'm familiar with), and I STILL CAN'T FIND THE STUPID THING. So I give up, go to WalMart, go to Michael's, and come home.

I think I need my man to find the post office. Because it is a total lost cause with me...


  1. Oh my gosh, how aggravating.

    You would HATE living in San Diego--I swear, whoever designed that place was either an idiot or a sadist. The streets there are ALL NAMED THE SAME THING. There's this one part of town where you have La Jolla Village Drive, Villa La Jolla Drive, La Jolla Village Way--all totally different. Where I used to live the cross streets are Nobel and Lebon. Lebon? Nobel backwards. (Someone got tired of new names, I guess.) There's a John Jay Hopkins Drive and a John Henry Hopkins Drive within a quarter mile of each other. But the worst offender of all is--there's a North Torrey Pines and a Torrey Pines, both of which are two TOTALLY different roads and if you take the wrong one, it's over. But--it gets worse--with North Torrey Pines, there's a part right when you get off the freeway when the road forks into two diverging roads and THEY'RE BOTH NAMED NORTH TORREY PINES. I kid you not. The worst part of that you have to take one of those North Torrey Pines to get to the hospital. I hate to think how many people have gotten lost/delayed treatment on their way there.

    I spent all four years I lived there ranting about the stupidity of the streets. Everyone agreed. I totally feel your pain!

    Good luck with all the passport stuff!

  2. Oh! April! I totally forgot to ask-I would love your pigs in a blanket recipe. :) As soon as I can eat normally again, I'm totally making that.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry! That's horrible! Yeah, I know what it is having no sense of direction... I got lost in Paris, in Rome and in London... Even here, in Spain, in the smallest village I get lost... Hope you can find that post office soon!