Friday, February 12, 2010

Why My Husband is Amazing...

Have you ever had an ugly day? That's what I call them - days where you just feel yucky, your hair doesn't do right, your clothes don't look right, everything you do to try to look better makes you feel like you look worse.... Well, I had one yesterday. (Which was the reason for all the grump grump grumping on my last post - so sorry...) The day you celebrate Valentine's Day with your hubby is not a happy time to have an ugly day, either. No fun.

So I ended up wearing my gray wool skirt, a black cami with lace and sequins around the neckline, and a purple-ish/pink-ish sweater. And some awesome heels that hurt my feet tremendously. They were supposed to be my cruise heels - I don't think so anymore. Ouch. Anyway, the outfit looked okay, not great, not really like all the pieces really went together that well. But it was the most acceptable thing I could find, and I moved on to my hair. It's in that horrible growing out stage where it doesn't really want to do anything except flip out, which is fine by me on an everyday basis, but not fine with me when I want to look really pretty. So I straightened it. And it looked worse. (To me, anyway.) So I straightened it some more. I tried a headband, no headband, up, down - nothing really looked good. So I just left it straight and down. Typically I don't wear makeup, but last night I just needed some oomph, so I did some mascara and made some make-shift bronzer out of a combo of eyeshadows, and put on some shiny lip gloss. I looked ... acceptable. Not great, but acceptable.

And then Mark came in, looking all preppy and cute in his khakis, purple striped shirt, and blue blazer, gave me a huge smile, and said I was beautiful. At this point I was still grumpy and unhappy because I didn't feel pretty on Valentine's Day, so I just thanked him and said I was cold. And he gave me a hug and a kiss, and went out to warm up the car for me.

And once I was in the car with him, talking with him, it didn't matter that my hair and my clothes weren't perfect, that my eyelashes and my shoes were the only things that I actually thought looked good. Because he thinks I'm beautiful. Dinner was good - we ate at a local Italian place, actually where we ate on our first date, and the night we got engaged. It holds a special place in my heart :) And we ate and talked and laughed, and I completely forgot that I didn't feel very pretty. On the way home, we were talking about watching a movie we got from Netflix - The Ugly Truth (which ended up being not-that-great, even though I LOVE Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl). I said something about Katherine Heigl being really pretty, and Mark said, and I quote "Well, she's alright." And I told him that yes, indeed, she is pretty, and it is totally okay with me if he thinks that actresses/other pretty people are pretty and it's okay if he says so. So then I asked him about Uma Thurman (who I don't think is pretty, but guys do?)

And he said "Well, some people think she's pretty, I'm sure - but I like you."

And that's the thing - why he's so great. Because he is completely in love with me. When I feel gross, when I'm wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, when I don't feel like doing the dishes, when I get on shopping kicks - it doesn't matter. He loves me, he thinks I'm beautiful, and he tells me so every day, no matter what. I am so lucky.

I can't help but wonder what on earth I did to deserve a man like him...


  1. Nice story. I agree Uma is not attractive at all. Your husband is right you are prettier than she is looking at the photo.

    As for Katherine Heigl...she really is incredibly beautiful...don't think pretty covers it.


  3. You must of done something right! Life is such a blessing when you are able to recognize the blessings in it!

  4. How sweet! Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day. :-)