Friday, February 19, 2010

Home today

I am so lazy this morning. Still in my pj's, no shower yet, hanging out on the couch in front of the tv :) Not a bad way to spend a morning.

Once I do decide to get up and around and ready, we'll head back home today. Hopefully we'll get home in time for me to do some laundry and get some stuff done (maybe even a little scrapbooking?) before it's time to eat dinner and head to bed. I'm working the weekend as I always do, and extra again on Tuesday. Aside from that, I plan to get caught up on housework, which I have let slide very, very badly this last week and a half. Some days I'm into it, some days I'm not. I've been more interested in shopping than cleaning lately, which needs to stop.

Speaking of shopping...

I'm ready for our cruise. It's not until May 8, so I've got about 2 and a half months to go, but I'm so ready to get there. We'll fly to Miami where our ship leaves, and sail to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. It's a 5-night cruise, and will be a really, really lovely break from reality. I absolutely can't wait :) I just want sun and warm weather and the tropics...

Why oh why can't I be here?

So ready.


  1. WOW! I want to be there too!! It looks so perfect!!

  2. Have fun! I went on a cruise last October and it was AWESOME.