Friday, February 12, 2010

Booooo Winter!

This just in: It is SNOWING in ALABAMA.

Did hell just freeze over?

Now, some people see snow as a happy thing, a thing to celebrate. "YAY Snow!!!" they say. Not me. I HATE snow. I mean, it's pretty to look at. But I can look at a picture of snow and be more than happy. It doesn't have to actually BE here. But it is :(

I know I sound like a big ol' Scrooge, but seriously. Here is why I hate it so much:

1) Snow is the epitome of winter. I hate winter.

2) Snow is cold. It has to be cold outside for snow to even happen. It is wet, and it gives you frostbite and makes your fingers and toes numb.

3) Snow covers up everything green and alive, and kills them.

4) One of the main reasons that I think people actually like snow is for the snow days. I get NO snow days. In fact, when it's really bad, I don't even get to leave work - I have to sleep at the hospital. And when it's REALLY bad, and no replacements can come in for you - you just have to stay. That happened at my old unit during the blizzard of '93 - some of the nurses were at the hospital for like four days in a row, and never left - they had to take turns sleeping and taking care of patients. This does NOT make me happy.

5) There is NOTHING fun about playing in the snow. See #2 about the frostbite and numb fingers.

So, what makes me even more upset about this whole situation, is that I'm supposed to go into work at like 3:30/4 today for one of the girls, so she can go to a concert tonight. Normally that would not be a big deal, 3.5 hours is nothing. But, I have to pack a bag in case it gets worse and I don't think I can make it into work tonight. In fact, depending on how things look in a couple hours, I may pack clothes for the entire weekend, because if it's really bad, I'll be at the hospital all freaking weekend long. And that makes April VERY upset.

In fact, the only thing(s) good about today? My sweet hubby, and the sweet potato pie I got from Publix. I love that stuff...

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry about it.
    I'm those ones who say "YAY, snow!"... Oops, no, this is a mistake: I should say "I used to be" one who celebrated snow... But after experiencing what really means "snowing", I don't like it either. For all the reasons you've written above. And for the traffic jams, and the danger it entails... car accidents, missing people, frost...
    Snow is not for me.