Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Married Bliss, Part 1: Getting ready, and pre-ceremony pictures

So, because Kelly over at The Startup Wife asked for some wedding pictures, and because I absolutely love all of them, I decided to do a whole wedding-picture series. Cause who doesn't love wedding pictures, right?

The date: June 9, 2007. The event: April and Mark's Wedding! The location: My house. And Ooltewah Baptist Church. And Allemande Hall.

We start at my house, where we have had a bridesmaid brunch, compliments of my amazing mother. Then it's time for hair and makeup! My darling sister does my face for me...

...and Teresa, my favorite hair-person in the world, came over as a special favor to do our hair :) She's amazing. She's like a hair-wizard!

Love this shot of my ring!

And then we're off to the church, to get ready. My maids all get in their dresses, and I get in mine. I looooooove it!

The Disney Princess Dress :)

Me and Kelly - We're almost mirror images :)

Meanwhile, over in the choir room, Mark and the guys are getting ready. I gave him a card and a present...

His wedding gift is really awesome, if I do say so myself. I took about a month and made him a scrapbook of "us" and our history - complete with pictures, journal entries, stories, quotes ... you get the picture. It still sits on our coffee table in our living room :)

Mark and his little brother, Thomas ... a little help with the tie.

Getting pinned by Perky - the lady who was essentially our coordinator for the day. She's also one of the church secretaries, and I've known her my entire life.

Our daddies - I'm glad they like each other :)

The day of our wedding was GORGEOUS, and perfect for some great outdoor shots. Aren't my girls lovely?

I love them. So much.

My Mommy and me!

Me and my parents. I love this shot of the back of my dress.

The boys.

This honestly might be my favorite picture from the entire wedding. I love it :) Especially Andy.

Mark's family :)

My handsome groom

And now comes the part where we get to see each other before the wedding :) Why yes, I do have the cheesiest grin in the world ... why do you ask?

But let's be honest - I don't think he cares. Look at his face! I love this :)

Oh man, I love him.

And oh man, he loves me :)

Families! What I think is hilarious is that both my grandmothers (left side) bought the exact same dress, unintentionally. And Mark's grandmother (right side) bought one almost exactly like those. AND they color-coordinate with my bridesmaids and my mother both. We are so, so matchy-matchy, and I love it :)

To be continued...

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  1. Love it!! Also, that is SO funny and cute about your grandmothers' dresses!