Monday, February 15, 2010

MY weekend recap

It seems like a lot of people blog about their fun weekends and what they did ... here's what my weekend was like:

Saturday: The start of the weekend of Mark's broken diet ... but that's okay. He wanted tomato soup from Panera, so he picked me up from work and we went and ate.

Sunday: On a whim, decided to go to CPK for V-day night - and we got seated immediately, because we have connections. Connections are good :)

So, today so far I've done nothing. In fact, I'm still in bed. I really need to do some laundry and some serious scrapbooking today - hopefully I'll get that accomplished. I also need to cook for my poor hubby who desperately needs to get back on his diet.

But... despite all the breaking over (and missing two workouts) - he still lost 3 pounds this last week! Grand total: 8 pounds in two weeks, thus far. His pants are getting too big, he's at the tightest hole on his belt, and his blood pressure is staying nice and low. Yay for my sweet hubby!

So, changing subjects completely:

This morning, I'm ordering some swimsuits for our upcoming cruise. I'm really tired of all of my current swimwear, and a lot of it is ill-fitting (mainly because it's so cheap), so I figured I'd cave and shell out a decent chunk of cash for some nice swimsuits. I'm getting two from ... This one (in antique violet) and

This Combo (in deep peacock.)
I also want to find maybe a cheap just plain black bikini ... and that will complete my new swim collection :) What do you think?
I'm having a bit of a hard time justifying my splurge, but we just got a really awesome tax return ... so maybe it's okay?

Hope everybody had an excellent Valentine's Day!


  1. Cute swimsuits! I love that deep peacock color! It is good to splurge on things for yourself when you can. We make some of our best memories on vacations and what better time to have a few new things to wear that you love! Have a great cruise!!

  2. I hate to be the sort of person who just leaves a drive-by comment, but I couldn't very well read this post and not send happy cheers to your husband on his weight loss, could I? So yay him!

    Also, if it makes you feel better, I've done nothing exciting with my weekend =P

  3. A cruise? When? Where? Yay for cruises!!
    I love your swinsuits! I think they are great!