Thursday, February 4, 2010

Domestic Goddess (and Blogger addict)

Lately, I have been addicted to this blog. And finding new people to follow. Maybe it's because I've been off four days in a row now? (Crazy, I know... I love it!!)

Current update (rather than just posting 2 and a half year old wedding pics...):

-My new love:
Which matches PERFECTLY with my current bedding:
(Even though it doesn't look like they match in the pictures...)
Now I just need some new shams, because all we really have is the matching pillowcases, plus some off-white ones, and our bedding will (finally) be complete.
I also got a new ottoman for upstairs, and some new pillows during that shopping trip. It was a good day :)

Also! Today was SO productive for me!! We opened a savings account (again, finally), because we have a decent bit of extra cash from me working extra, and Mark's refund check, etc. etc. That brings me a lot of peace of mind. We're also going to get a pretty nice tax return, so that (or part of it, at least) can go into savings as well. For the first time in quite a while, I feel like we're getting a handle on things, financially. It's a nice feeling. We're definitely not where I'd like to be, but we're definitely not doing too shabby, with only me working, especially.

I also cleaned the entire house. Well - the entire house minus the office. But the bathrooms are scrubbed and clean, the bedroom looks AMAZING, laundry is FINALLY getting under control. Downstairs is vaccuumed. The table is clean. Yay!!! What prompted me to do all this, you might ask? Well, everything needed to be cleaned for one thing, but I had a Mary Kay facial scheduled for tonight, and there is no motivator like a stranger coming into your house! I even made cookies and had smelly-good candles on the table. Aren't I just Miss Hospitality?

As if all that cleaning wasn't domestic enough, I came up with a new little decorating idea for our bedroom! It's practical, too. Several months ago (around Thanksgiving, maybe?), I bought this little gem on sale at Hobby Lobby for like $10:

This picture doesn't do it justice (probably because I took it with PhotoBooth on my Mac), but it is SUCH a precious basket! It also matches perfectly with all the colors in our bedroom and bathroom. But I didn't really know what I was going to do with it. It's just sort of been sitting up there on the dresser, catching lonely socks and being hidden under massive piles of clothes. Until today...

It's my new book-keeper! Sadly, I will have to get up and get out of the bed to get a book in the mornings, but what I like is that it will keep all the books I'm currently reading sort of together in one place rather than being strewn about the floor (where most things usually end up.) Things I'm reading now (since my Mac takes pictures backwards...):

Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan
Food Rules by Michael Pollan
Cure: Unknown by Pamela Wientraub
The Complete Works of Jane Austen (I got a bit bogged down in this one)

And I'm about to start The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver (my very most favorite author ever!)

So excited! (About the books, and my book basket!)

To do tomorrow:
-Iron like crazy.
-More laundry. Even though I've made a dent, it never ends.
-Make Mark a grocery list for this weekend.
-Get my passport? (For our cruise!!! We leave in 94 days!!!)
-Figure out how to cook a new chicken recipe.
-Clean the kitchen AGAIN. Honestly. I don't know why it can't figure out how to clean itself...

And on that note, I think I will go wash my face, put on my pjs, crawl into my comfy, comfy bed (I LOVE our bed), and read my new book. I'm such an old lady...

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