Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post With Pictures!!

My new toy:

What is that, you might ask?

Well ... it's really nothing that exceptional, or exciting. It's a USB SD drive. Which means, dear friends, that I no longer have to use Mark's computer to upload pictures :) My cables for my camera stopped working (I think Mrs. Norris chewed on them), so I could only use hubby's built-in SD drive on his computer to upload photos. My mac doesn't have a SD drive - so we got one! Yay! And now it's easy :) (Yes, I know, I'm a dork.)

Anyway, yesterday I FINALLY got my passport. Or, fully applied for it at least. It took 2 hours. Wanna hear the story? Of course you do.

So, we figure out where the Hoover Post Office is. So I have all my stuff together, and go and wait in line maybe 15 minutes. She gets all my forms together, and then asks me if I have a copy of my driver's license. I say no.
Rather than being like oh, here, let me make you a copy, she says "Okay, you'll need to go to Kinko's across the street and get a copy of it." So, fine, whatever. I find Kinko's, deal with a huge traffic jam in the tiny parking lot caused by a confused old person with a large Cadillac, make a copy, come back, wait in line for ANOTHER 20 minutes. Hand her the copy.
She looks up, and says "You didn't make a copy of the back?" (At this point, I proceed to freak out a little bit on the inside.)
I say, "No, you didn't say to copy the back as well."
She sighs, and says "Okay, we're really not supposed to do this, but I'll make a copy of it for you."
I open my wallet ... and the little pocket for my driver's license is. not. there.


I almost start to cry.
She gives me actually a really kind, sort of pity-ing look, and says "When you come back, don't wait in line again, just bring the copy straight to me."
So, I go out to my car, and call Mark, and proceed to completely freak out. Then I call Elissa, and freak out some more. (Please also note that I left the house at 11, expecting to be gone maybe half an hour. It is now like 12:45, I am starving, and my blood sugar is quickly dropping. I am grumpy, I am cold, and it is wet outside. I am not happy.)
Thankfully, the really super nice man at Kinkos recognizes me immediately, and says "You left your license here, didn't you? Let me go get it for you."


At this point I'm already feeling a bit better, because I thought my license was lost forever. Elissa told me to believe in the inherent goodness of people (which is funny, because she does not believe in that, like, ever, and I usually do), and sure enough, someone had turned it in to the front desk thingy. So I sign for it, make a copy of the back, make SURE I have put it back in my wallet.
Head back to the post office for a THIRD time.
Thank GOD the nice lady told me not to wait in line, because at this point, the line is out the door. I muster all my courage (cause usually I'm just to freaking nice to do this) and break in front of EVERYONE, hand the lady the copy, and leave.
Mark has lunch made when I get home, and all is right with the world. :)

Seriously, one of the worst experiences EVER. I just don't have good luck when it comes to dealing with government-type agencies... it always takes me FOREVER to get through with stuff.

So now comes the fun part of my post ... we had girls' night last night with work people! Yay!

We went here:

And had a blast :) (Minus some really bland and watered-down margaritas that four of us sent back - we got new margaritas a $5-off coupon out of it...) Pictures!

Janelle and me - she oriented me when I first came to work in NICULand :)

Amy, Carrie, Kimberly, and Natalie!

Stacey, Mara, and Cynthia :)

Fun girls, good times :)

And tonight: dinner with Laura! Yay!!

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