Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grump, grump, grump, or Can It Please Freakin' Be Spring Already???

It's V-Day! (Ours, anyway.)

I need to start getting ready soon, but I figured I'd do a post first...

I started today out by going to a new (to me) women's Bible study at the church we were going to before I started my weekends. It was really good ... very deep, very intellectual. The pastor led it this week, which he apparently does not do on a regular basis, but we're talking about the Holy Spirit and he wanted to do a good intro on the subject. He is SO wise - there's just a wealth of knowledge whenever he speaks. He's also incredibly nice, he's a good conversationalist, and he totally remembered like everything he knew about Mark from like 4 months ago. So, that was a really nice way to start the day. I'm looking forward to getting to know the ladies in the group better - I'll be able to go like every week (save next week) because of work and stuff, and probably won't schedule myself for any Thursdays from now on.

So then I came home, Mark made lunch (he is SO great, seriously), I watched a few episodes of Modern Family on Hulu with him, and then messed around with scrapbooking a bit. I really wasn't in the mood to do anything major or hardcore, so I played with my new doodle book I got in my stocking this Christmas. It shows step by step how to make cute letters, and has some designs for cute borders and corners for pages or cards, so I messed around with those some. I was surprised how good they turned out - usually I'm too impatient to be any good with fonts, but the step-by-step instructions helped a lot.

I also *think* I know what I'm going to wear tonight... but still not absolutely positive. Here's my dilemma: it is FREEZING. reports that it is currently 39 degrees, which I know is a lot warmer than it is a lot of places, but still. I get cold REALLY easily. And when I get cold, I get grumpy, no matter how pretty I look.
And the other inherent problem is that it's next to impossible to be really pretty and really warm at the same time. Like, dressed nicely at least. Mark is wearing this spiffy new purple striped Banana Republic shirt (I LOVE him in purple!), and I will look all blah and yuck. My options are pants (I'm TIRED of wearing pants. I want to wear a skirt or a dress, and look pretty) or my gray wool skirt, which I love, but I don't really have anything to wear on top that doesn't look droll or dumpy or boring. Now, summer clothes, I've got covered. I have everything ranging from sexy fushcia strapless to classy little black dress to fun bright sundress ... the list goes on. But winter? Oh no. April doesn't do winter. So I have... nothing.
What I think I'm actually wearing is probably the gray wool skirt, a black cami, and a cream-colored cardi with shiny fake gemstone buttons - I know, very boring. I could technically wear my denim jacket, but that's not that warm or that pretty.
What I WANT to wear is the awesome fuchsia strapless dress with a gold shrug and my cute new shoes. Or a black shrug and some awesome heels. But I would freeze to death and be grumpy, and I'd just rather not do that.

Soooo ... I should get ready. And stop whining. And maybe I'll post a picture for you guys to see, or something. We'll see....


  1. I LOVE Modern Family. It might even be my favorite show on TV right now.

    Your Bible study sounds great! We've been trying to find a good one, but so far, nothing we've really clicked with.

    Re: the outfit, how do you feel about leggings? Maybe it would be a good time to invest in a pair? Might give you a few more options :) I think I saw that Old Navy had them on sale this week ...

    Have a great V-day!

  2. Hope you have a great date night, we too celebrated our Valentines tonight. The smart ones miss the crowds :)

    As for finding warm cute outfits I agree, it is difficult. I am a bargain shopper so I must suggest Ross Dress for Less, they have a huge selection of winter dresses that are really cute with some tights?? It takes patience to get through that store but to walk out with a killer new dress for 14.99, priceless. (Or five new never know)