Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For those of you who don't know, my sweet husband started P90X last Friday. Today is Wednesday. He weighed for the first time today...

He's lost 5 pounds already.

Not that I'm interested in losing weight anytime soon or anything, but seriously, that's disgusting. 5 pounds in 6 days. Crazy. But yay for him!! I'm so proud :)

What I'm even MORE proud of though...

On January 21st, when he had a super bad headache, Mark's blood pressure was high. Granted, I had worked a whole lot, which meant that he/we ate out a whole lot = lots of salt. And it wasn't like scary high. But.... since then, he's dropped his systolic and diastolic pressures by 10 points each. All with just 6 days of working out and eating right!

I can't wait to see the end results of this thing. What's so great is that he's saying how much better he feels after such a short amount of time... I love it! And he's pretty dedicated too ... we've made a few very minor fudges in the diet (like, we're eating our turkey burgers on whole wheat buns tonight, and he's been eating more fruit than he's supposed to, but I am NOT going to argue about a few extra bananas here and there.) But other than that, he's done the workouts to the best of his ability, every day, on schedule. And he's eating so healthy! He hasn't cheated at all! (Aside from the fruit. Again, I'm picking my battles, and that is not one of them.)

I'm so proud of him :)

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