Thursday, February 4, 2010

Married Bliss, Part 2: pretty pictures of us together, and the ceremony

Quick update before the pictures:

-Still really, really excited about Mark's progress with food/exercise :)
-Also really excited about the mushroom omelets we're about to eat for breakfast!
-I really love my life.
-Two more days off before going back to work! Yay! (I love it when my Baylor schedule is ACTUALLY a Baylor schedule...)

Now, more pictures!!!

Here are the pretties of us :)

He's my best friend. Ever.

I always wanted to have some wedding pictures in the gorgeous stained-glass windows in my church. I got my wish :)

Back outside...

Lovely :)

This is, I think, my favorite picture of us together

Us. We're looking rather pretty, I think

Mmmm I love him :)

This was one of Mark's favorites

And now, ceremony time! Great picture of my Daddy

I *love* this picture of my grandpa (Dada, to me and Kelly). It always makes me think of part of a poem by William Wordsworth:
"His look and bending figure all bespeak
of a man who does not move with pain, but moves with thought."

My sweet parents. Isn't my mom pretty?

Mark's sweet parents, and Nanny sitting behind them

My pretty maids all in a row :)


He sees me...

... and I see him.

And we love it :) Hello, hubby!

My parents again

Mark, reading his vows to me. This one is hanging in our bedroom.

A personal favorite - Kelly was holding my vows for me between her fingers. They snapped the picture at the PERFECT time, and it appears, if you look closely, that she is giving our wedding guests the bird :)

First kiss as man and wife!

We're married!!!! Yay!!!

Getting showered with bubbles as we leave the church

Let me tell you, getting into a Blazer with a dress as big as mine is no easy feat. I was swimming in organza :)

Coming next: The Reception!


  1. I have just found your blog and have LOVED looking at your wedding photos! You looked stunning and the photos are great!

    Thanks for sharing