Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hubby update!

I worked extra yesterday, and once again, NICULand was the picture of insanity. It was fine, we got through it fairly unscathed, and I left earlier than I did on Sunday, but still. Days like that just wear you out.

But now I have three days off, and some extra padding in this next paycheck, both of which I am extremely thankful for :)

On today's agenda: clean the kitchen, do some of the laundry that has once again piled up to the heavens, scrapbook. Pretty much, stay home all day.

And since I haven't really updated with anything about Mark lately ... He'll be gone most of the day. Between UAB and his archives internship, and the occasional Samford visit, he's spending a lot of time in libraries these days. (And loving it. He's such a nerd.) His internship is going really well - he's nearly done with the collection he's working on, just needs to wrap up a few things today. Then they'll start him on another one - they assured him that he would never run out of things to do :) I'm sure they won't - he doesn't cost them any money! (Basically, he's paying UAB to be able to work for them ... nice how that works out.) He's got some reading to do, so he'll probably go to UAB for that.

And ... several days ago, he made the decision to sell our desktop. A little computer history: Mark is a nerd. His favorite things to buy are computers. He goes through them like I go through clothes. We have more computers than we do people in our house. (Three computers - now four, actually - and then if you count our iPhones with internet capability ... six ... gosh, that's a little ridiculous. Let's not count those.) So, anyway, his plan is to replace the desktop with his current laptop (a Dell he bought about 2 years ago), and replace his laptop with something more portable.

Here's his new toy : Netbook!

It's itsty bitsy, and can easily fit in his new man-bag along with books and other history-ish stuff. And, he says it's the best value for the money. I go with what he says on the technology side of things. He's pretty psyched, I think. Do all husbands get this excited when they get new tech-y stuff?

In other news, his P90X stuff is sort of waning a little ... we've been SO BAD about following his diet, and he's missed some workouts... we need to try to get back on track. Maybe this week/weekend he can do better ... but, he's lost 8 pounds. That's still an accomplishment...

I love him :)

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  1. J is totally the same way about computers (although he just sold his netbook, actually) and we, too, have more computers than we do people in our house. There was one--J's desktop that he built himself--that I actually didn't even know existed! Haha. At one point we had five, but we're back down to four now.