Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy beavers...

Recap of the last few days, and things to come:

On Friday, I had to take care of a few things for work (new job) before we left for Griffin.

So after we left, it was lunchtime. We stopped halfway to Griffin, and got here around 2:30-ish. I helped Nanny and Aunt Patsy cook, and just sort of sat around all yesterday other than that. Today, we went and had lunch with Amanda and Chad and their sweet baby, Hayden. Mark went to high school with Amanda. It was really fun - their house is BEAUTIFUL (made me jealous - i want a house!!), and their baby is precious. Came back, expecting to go play tennis with Thomas, but he was feeling yucky (he has MRSA in his leg, and his pain meds were making him sicky), so we sat around watching horrible B-grade shark/alligator movies all afternoon. Went to dinner, had some wine and really yummy food, came back, played tennis tonight. We're leaving in the morning.

Then on Tuesday I'm picking up Andy and Suzie from the airport while Mark's in class. (As an aside, Suzie has had a crisis with her master's thesis, and basically lost half of her research, and the thesis is due in a month. So. Pray for her.) Wednesday we'll probably catch up a bit, and Suzie will stress about/work on her paper, and then I head back Thursday for my last week of work :( It's going by too fast - I'm not ready to go back to Chattanooga yet...

So excited to see Andy and Suzie. So excited to just about have this chapter in my life done. So excited to start my stint as a housewife during the week and a dayshift nurse on the weekends. So ready to get my house in order. So ready to start running.

Pray that I am patient these last two weeks. I'm going to need it...

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