Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet baby Jesus....

It's Mark, and I guess this is my first official post. Here's what I did on Friday:

On Friday, I got my Alabama car tag and title switched over from TN. Generally anytime one has to use a government service like getting their license, a sense of impending doom awaits as you fear that you will be there forever or have forgotten to fill out Form 1035090A, or have filled out Form 1035090A but failed to fill out Form 13092401C and worse yet, failed to get the proper signature from your third cousin; however, the current situation in Birmingham makes the impending doom feeling somewhat laughable. Rather, I felt like the Bessemer Courthouse should have "Abandon All Hope, Ye who Enter Here" posted above the doors. For a long version of Birmingham's financial woes, see ; the short version is that the Jefferson County commission is corrupt and inept thus resulting in a major slash in government services and the laying off of many county workers.
So on Friday, at 6:00am, I left for the courthouse which opens at 8:00am. When I arrived at 6:30am, there were already 20 or so people in front of me. Before the doors opened at 8, the line was already a block long. Once inside, I was able to see the entrance to the tag and title division, and thought, "this shouldn't be so bad"...HA! While standing in line at a government office, this thought should never go through your mind. I was at the courthouse for 5 hours before I was able to get my tag and title.
But I did meet some interesting people. Apparently, a guy behind me in line was getting married that day. A lady who swore that if the tag/title clerks went to lunch before she got her tag, that she would jump over the counter, impale one with her umbrella, and happily go to jail. My favorite was the gentlemen who felt that the county commissioners should be fired and wanted to be rid of them immediately.
Certainly an interesting experience, which I will have the pleasure of doing again in a week when April gets her tag/title transferred over. It'll be a ton of fun and since my wife complains that I'm not a "social" person, I'm thinking of bringing a board game so that we can make new and interesting friends.


  1. I love the board game idea - even better would be CatchPhrase! That would be so doable, even in line. :) Love you!

  2. I love this, Mark--you are TOO funny. And I am definitely glad you wrote this instead of borrowing that lady's umbrella and impaling someone yourself. Much better use of your time. Maybe while you are playing the board games next time you can get a group of people together and you can all run for county commission in the next election : }

  3. lol i could just here you saying this made me laugh, and miss both of you. sometime you guys should come see your chattanooga peoples. yep.