Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mattress, Bed, House, and Church :)

I'm loving my life in Birmingham right now (too bad it has to be cut short every other week to go to work...) Mark and I are settling into a nice routine (during the day!! I love it!!), and he's getting really excited about school starting. I can't believe it's already August - just 17 more days, and he's a "real" grad student! (And then will begin another crazy chapter in our lives...)

Yesterday was exciting. We'd been talking for quite a while about buying new bedroom furniture and a new mattress, because ours are OLD and Andy and Suzie will need the bed back when they return. So we did :) We got a GREAT deal on our mattress ($300 off! Woo!), and our bed was 20% off, which put it exactly into the price range we decided on :) We also decided that right now, it would be more profitable to spend more money on a better mattress, and buy just the bed and not the matching furniture. (Because the mattress is what you actually sleep ON, you know, and we already have passable bedroom drawers and stuff.) So the mattress is being delivered on Wednesday, and the bed is being delivered in a week or 2, and I will post pictures of our completed bedroom after that's all put together!

Also! Completed office:

Mark's desk space and the bookshelf

And my scrapbooking area :)

And we finally have the living room totally completed as well - I think it's my favorite room in the house :)

Mark in his chair

Front view of the couch

View of couch from the dining room

We love it!

In other news (and I know this blog is getting long, so I'll make it short), we went to church today at Vestavia Hills United Methodist - it was our first time there, so the jury's still out, but it was nice, and they came to our door like 20 or 30 minutes after church had ended and gave us a "thank you for visiting" welcome packet, including a loaf of homemade bread! (Mark didn't answer the door because he thought it would be Mormons - I feel bad that we didn't answer it now.) They've got their welcome game on, for sure :)

Oh! Side note! Mi familia is coming to visit on Tuesday! They've never seen our place, and my mom is dying to go to Whole Foods and my whole family wants to go to Surin for lunch (SO happy to oblige on both counts), so I'm super excited about it :)

It's about time for me to go warm us up some dinner (I made yummy taco soup yesterday in the crock pot - LOVE having that stuff for leftovers...) so time to go, but I'll post more pictures after my family (and the bed) comes :)

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