Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling better

I'm feeling much better and less discouraged today. I spent the day yesterday with Sarah and Thomas (they were kind enough to let me crash after work, and I stayed really late), and it sort of refreshed me. We spent the day talking, eating tacos/taco salad, and then Sarah and I watched girly movies while Thomas escaped. Too bad Mark couldn't have been there...

Two more nights to go - I can totally handle that. (Right?) Then I'm back to Birmingham on Thursday, staying there a night to recuperate from my week of insanity, then we're headed to my in-laws' house for one or two nights to visit. (We also get to hang out with an old friend of Mark's on Saturday, and I'm exicted about that, too!) Then it's back to Birmingham, to prepare for the arrival of Andy and Suzie! I'm picking them up at the airport on Tuesday evening, so I only get a few days with them before I leave for Chattanooga again (so sad!), but hopefully I can get at least a bit caught up with them. It'll be a busy week, but the good kind of busy :) I'm excited about it!

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