Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week O' Happiness (i hope)

This week has the potential to be a very good one. I'm home in Birmingham now (very good in and of itself...) - it's so nice, how fast this place has come to feel like home. Maybe it's because it was home for four years...

Tomorrow is my interview. I feel, at this point, like it could potentially make or break my LIFE, but I'm trying to chill about it, and realize that I have all the credentials I need, and basically all I have to do is make them like me and want me to work with them. (i hope...) So if that goes well, then it'll pretty much be a good week - if I get the job soon, it'll be a GREAT week. So that's what I'm hoping will happen...

Also, our bed and box springs are due to arrive soon. (We had to do a split box spring, since the queen-size one wouldn't fit up the stairs...) I love love LOVE our mattress, but I'd really like to have the bed to complete the bedroom so we can sort of put it back together again. And I'd also really like to have them this week so I can get everything in order and actually get to sleep in our new bed a couple times before I have to go back to Chattanooga.

Mark is amazing, as always. It'll be a good week despite all the aforementioned things, just because I'm with him. I'm realizing very quickly that home for me is where he is. His classes start in 6 days - I went with him to UAB today to the bookstore and paid an arm and a leg for some of his books. There are SO MANY books that he has to read!! But my smart hubby is already halfway through one, and has started another one for a different class. I'm a little sad that I don't get to be here for but one of his classes the first week, and then I'll miss his second week of classes entirely. (If things go EXCELLENTLY, that'll be the last week I'll have to be away from him....) I love cooking for him and taking care of him so much - I'm so happy, being married to him :) These next two years are going to be quite the adventure, I think.

Oh! And I haven't mentioned this before, but at the end of this month, we're going to have some house guests for a while - Andy and Suzie are moving back to Birmingham, and they're going to live with us until they find some form of income, so it'll be a big, happy (hopefully) party around here :) (hopefully not too much of a party, or mark won't get any work done at all .... i'm a little worried about the distraction level that andy might provide.) We're so excited that they're coming back, and also super excited that we'll see them so much, especially at first. Andy has been Mark's best friend since we were freshmen in college, and today Mark pointed out to me that he lived with Andy longer than he's lived with me so far. It'll also be nice to have a close girl friend living close by to cook with and do things with - so hurry back, Andy and Suzie! We can't wait to see you!

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