Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Live every week like it's shark week"

-Mark, quoting 30 Rock. How would that be, exactly? Sit around and watch the Discovery Channel all day and night?

Today was an INCREDIBLE day. Wanna know why?

Do you, really?


It's because...

I GOT MY OFFICIAL JOB OFFER THIS AFTERNOON!!!!!! Wahoo!!!! (And I also got to come home to my sweet hubby, which ties as the best thing that happened to me today)

Reasons why this is wonderful:
-I can breathe a sigh of relief
-My 2-week notice that I turned in the other day is correct, and effective. I've never done one of those before...
-I get to work dayshift.
-I get to be a wife, 5 days a week.
-I get to sleep at NIGHT like a normal person :)
-I get to live with my hubby all the time again :)
-Despite the fact that I work every weekend, Mark and I still have two completely free days together :)

Oh man, I am excited. I think I've been saying that for like weeks now, but seriously. I'm excited. It's crazy ... it seems to be happening so fast, all of a sudden, and life is just so sweet.

Speaking of sweet - I got to go home to my love today for the first time in 9 days. Long time. Too long. We missed each other lots, and I really, really love him :) A whole lot. We're so excited to get to live together all the time again!

I really like this guy. I think I'll keep him.

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